Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Where are the apartments located?

420 West Spring Street, Saint Marys, Ohio, 45885

What is included?

The apartments feature two bedrooms, one bath, a living/dining area, and a kitchen equipped with a stove and refrigerator. Washer/dryer hookups are included. Each apartment features a balcony (second floor) OR a patio (first floor).

Who pays utilities?

Tenants pay all utilities: electric, sewer, and water. There is no gas. In addition, you must carry renter’s insurance. NOTE: Utilities must be transferred into your name before you get the keys.

How much do utilities cost?

You can contact the City of St. Marys and ask about average utility rates.

Do you allow pets?

No, we do not; and this is not negotiable. If you have a bona fide service animal that is prescribed by a doctor (and can provide proof), we will allow the service animal in accordance with the law.

How much is rent?

Current rent is set at $600 per month.

How much is the deposit?

Current deposit is $600.

How much total is due at lease signing?

$1,200, which is the deposit plus the first month’s rent.

Do you offer parking?

We have a small space for on-site parking, which accommodates one car per apartment. Any additional vehicles must be parked on the street.

Are your apartments smoke-free?

We do not allow smoking inside the apartments.